Dry Van Trucking

Dry Van Trucking: TL and LTL Services

When people think of the trucking industry they are likely picturing dry van trucking trailers, or box trailers. These enclosed trailers are frequently seen on the highway but, Flatbed trailers are just as common. Dry van trucking and the trailers are ubiquitous. They are very versatile as a means of transporting both food and non-food freight via truckload and less-than-truckload.

We provide transportation of freight for our customers on a truckload and LTL basis. In fact, dry van trucking and temperature controlled trucking were the two services we provided most frequently upon opening our doors in 2007. We now proudly leverage the buying power of Mode Transportation (Transport Topics top 50 logistics company and top 25 freight broker) to offer some of the most competitive LTL rates available in the industry.  

dry van trucking truckload trailer

Versatile Dry Van Trucking

Enclosed trailers can transport anything from fasteners, to food items, to corrosive hazardous materials. We can handle shipments such as these on both a TL and LTL basis. These trailers are less expensive to purchase and maintain making them very common for companies starting new and expanding companies. We have access to many dry van trucking companies who utilize shorter dry van trailers such as those one would equate to small rental trucks to provide expedited services and to accommodate smaller or limited access sites. 

Some carriers utilize straight trucks to make local pick-ups and deliveries. We have access to those as well. We also connect with dry van trucking companies and temperature controlled trucking companies with large warehouses to support expansive LTL operations. You'll see many household name trucking companies with these types of trailers, and also those belonging behemoth retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target. However it's likely another company employs the driver to tow the trailer. Some companies utilize trailers with large sleeper cabs to expedite time-sensitive freight across the country. Did we mention, we also do that?

Let's Talk LTL

Shipping in dry van trailers is one of the most common means of freight transportation utilized in this country for small businesses and large alike. Generally, small businesses have smaller orders which are conducive to LTL shipping. And as freight is a large component of cost of goods sold, businesses are very cost sensitive. This is why we have teamed up with one of the largest buyers of freight in the world to better service our customers. From start to finish you will have insight into your rates, the carrier you select, the estimated pick up and delivery times, the transit status, and much more. With access to the tools utilized by one a world-class player in freight you'll have world-class visibility into the logistics of your business.

Additionally, through our strategic relationships we have the ability to contract rates for most modes of shipping. This includes OTR as well as LTL, Intermodal and International shipments. All we need is a bit of information about your shipping profile and we can contract rates specifically to fit your organization. 85% of our LTL moves on customer specific pricing arrangements. We can create one for you too with minimal effort on your behalf. Click here to set up contract rates or request a spot quote today and let us show you how easy it can be.


Dry Van TL and LTL

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