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Trucking Infographic

Below is a pretty interesting trucking infographic courtesy of that offers some general insight into the trucking industry. I am unclear as to whether the author intends to provide a glimpse solely into the freight trucking industry, or is encompassing all areas of the transportation industry including regional carriers, nationwide truckload and LTL carriers, oil tankers, passenger transportation, moving services, local distributing companies, small businesses that own small box trailers, etc.

My intent in posting this is to provide those in the industry with basic information from reliable sources that may help guide business decisions or shed light into this crazy industry in which we have made our careers. ¬†However the general information seeker may find the below to be interesting as well. This generalized information along with some follow up research may help freight brokerage owners, trucking companies, and owner/operators determine a new or concurrent strategy for business development based on region, industry, product type, etc. Research into the general economy and about the health of the freight trucking industry may also guide decisions about whether to increase capacity through purchase of assets, whether to contract capacity and decrease operating leverage, whether to position one’s business for sale, etc.

I did not create this freight and trucking infographic; I am simply re-posting it courtesy of the creator who can be found, along with the infographic, at

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates and news from Interstate 48 Transportation.

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trucking infographic



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