Benefits of Using Trucking Brokers

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Shipping your products can be a concern for even the most experienced professionals. After all, you’re putting the products on which you’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort to produce into the hands of transportation providers that you may not know that much about. You can minimize your concerns, however, by working with experienced trucking brokers. At Interstate 48, we are providing truck brokerage services that help you obtain the shipping resources you need to help ensure the successful and on-time shipments of your products.

Still not convinced that working with freight brokers is right for you? Here are some of the great advantages of working with these professionals.

You’ll Save Time and Money with Trucking Brokers

Trucking brokers are experts at finding the shipping option that will save you both time and money. Part of their job is seeking out bids from a variety of companies that you might not have previously considered, all to get you the best possible value. Brokers often know of alternative options that you may not even know exist. This means that they’ll get the transportation set up more efficiently and cost-effectively than you may have otherwise without their service.

Using Trucking Brokers Means Less Red Tape

Transporting goods across state lines, or even overseas, involves adhering to a lot of state and federal regulations. Experienced brokers will know what these regulations are and will help you adhere to these guidelines or fill out paperwork if necessary. If you’re shipping internationally, brokers will deal with any additional paperwork or certifications needed.

You’ll Benefit from Experienced Troubleshooters

Trucking brokers have seen it all and are experienced dealing with complicated situations. This includes dealing with exceptionally large or heavy shipments that traditional shipping companies may be unable to handle. At Interstate 48, we have extensive networks of contacts, so even if something goes wrong while your shipment is in transit, we can work out a solution quickly.

Holding Trucking Brokers Accountable

Working with reputable brokers means you can check their credentials online to ensure that your goods are in safe hands. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates all freight brokers. You can also access brokers’ licenses online and check them against a copy of their operating authority. This way, if you see any discrepancies, you can ask questions before signing a contract. For a list of questions we suggest you ask your broker, check out this article.

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  1. I’m glad you talked about how freight brokers help get something shipped as fast as possible while still being affordable. My husband is thinking of starting a business that would require shipping products all over the country, but he wouldn’t know how best to get it done. Freight brokerage might be a good way for him to get his products out there for much less than if he figured it out himself.

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