Truck Freight Brokers: The Best Transportation Management

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Working with truck freight brokers is a delicate balance between logistics and successful negotiations. The reality is that using truck freight brokers can save your company time, money and the hassle of fostering business relationships with truck carriers to transport your products on a routine basis. However, not every brokerage company can provide their customers with exactly what their shipment requires, such as quick access to carriers across all modes. Our specialists at Interstate 48 understand the importance of efficient, reliable and custom trucking/transportation needs. We will gladly assist your company with all your over-the-road trucking and transportation needs.

Benefits of Using a Brokerage Service
There are several reasons why you should use a freight brokerage company for your shipping needs. For starters, an experienced broker will do all the legwork for you. Our agents and specialist at Interstate 48 have fostered relationships with hundreds of safe, reliable trucking companies to ensure that no matter the shipment size, your company’s product will be delivered on time and in tact. Maintaining these relationships for our customers means all you have to do is pick up the phone and speak with one of our brokerage agents, or send us an email. That’s it! This not only allows you to focus on the soul of your business, but you can also be sure that your products are in capable hands from the time it leaves the shipping facility, until the time it arrives at its final destination. Because of our dedication to service quality over high margins, we work with only the best carriers for the job.

Moreover, you can significantly reduce the cost of your shipment transportation by working with a brokerage service because of the sheer volume of shipments. In other words, since a broker is providing continual business through a variety of clients, the overall pricing and freight rates are bound to be more affordable for everyone, compared to contracting directly with several trucking companies.

Learn More
These are just a couple of the reasons why you should look into using a brokerage company for your shipment and freight needs. If you would like to learn more about how using our freight brokerage services is ultimately the most convenient, reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective option, contact one of our specialists today for an initial shipping quote.

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