Heavy Haul and Oversize Loads

Experience in Heavy Haul and OD Trucking

Interstate 48 has the experience required to handle all of your heavy haul trucking and oversize load trucking requirements. We have a rigorous process to vet the carriers who carry your freight to ensure high quality performance and exemplary safety marks. We also have agents who have dealt exclusively with this type of freight for decades. They and know the ins and outs of this facet of the freight industry and will help guide you.heavy haul truck equipment

Since 2007, after starting as predominantly refrigerated Truckload and LTL freight brokers, we have dedicated our efforts to expanding our carrier base to include agents and carriers most experienced in dealing with oversize load trucking and heavy haul trucking. Our carrier contacts maintain impressive fleets of removable goose neck trailers (RGN) with the number of axles to accommodate the weight of most heavy construction equipment, industrial heavy machinery, and other items requiring the use of multi-axle RGN trailers.

We can also coordinate tear downs and rigging for you, should you require it. Our agents can provide you rate quotes, advise the trailer required to suit your freight, and will go the next step to inform you of the permits and pilots required for your freight. Instead of doing research on your own, one call to our heavy haul and oversize load trucking specialist will cut down on the time and money you spend coordinating your shipment.

Overseas Transportation Capacity and All That Comes With It

We have various contacts in the freight forwarding industry and can seamlessly coordinate oversize load trucking into ports around the globe. All ports require drivers to possess a transportation worker identity card or ‘TWIC’ card to enter the port for delivery. Also, there are strict policies concerning the cleanliness of the machines going into ports so all vessels will require the machinery to be nearly spotless, whether new or used, and whether the carrier is providing oversize load trucking or legal flatbed trucking services. It must also be free of fluids prior to entering, offloading and shipping overseas. One call to Interstate 48 ensures your freight is in capable hands from the second the carrier arrives to load, to its pressure washing and until the second it reaches its final destination.

Insurance Coverage to Suit Any Piece of Equipment or Project

When dealing with heavy haul trucking or oversize load trucking, the freight value typically exceeds the minimum $100,000 cargo policy as mandated by the FMCSA for contract or common authority carriers. Similarly, the property damage can be astronomical should an incident occur at loading, in transit or at unloading. As such, Interstate 48 maintains a “broker shield” policy with GSIS, Inc’s LogistIQ insurance branch designed specifically for freight brokers to help mitigate the customers’ risk inherent in dealing with these types of high-value freight. Our agents check insurance coverage for each carrier we use to ensure that the value of their cargo coverage is sufficient to cover your products. You can be certain that when a highly-experienced agent from Interstate 48 Transportation handles your oversize or heavy haul load, your freight will be treated as if it were our own from the time you request a quote until the time it is signed clear at delivery.

If you had any questions before about whether we have the knowledge, experience, and service capability to handle most freight requiring oversize trucking or heavy haul trucking, then we hope they have been answered. Should you have further inquiries please contact us. We look forward to working with you and competing to earn your trust and your business.

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