Dry Van Trucking Service

Truckload and LTL Dry Van Trucking

When most people think of the trucking industry they are likely picturing either dry van trucking and the 53′ dry van trailers frequently seen on the highway, or flatbed trucking and those trailers which are just as common. Dry van trucking and the trailers are ubiquitous and very versatile as a means of transporting both food and non-food freight.

We have been transporting freight for our customers on a Truckload and Less-than-truckload (LTL) basis since we opened our doors. In fact, dry van trucking and temperature controlled trucking were the two services we provided most frequently upon opening our doors in 2007.

dry van trucking trailer

Versatile Dry Van Trucking

Dry van trucking trailers can transport anything from fasteners, to food items, to corrosive hazardous materials to highly valuable electronic equipment. These trailers are also less expensive to purchase and maintain, making them very common for companies starting new and companies expanding into new markets. We also have access to many dry van trucking companies who utilize shorter dry van trailers such as those one would equate to small rental trucks.

Some carriers utilize these straight trucks to make local pick up and deliveries for both dry van trucking companies and temperature controlled trucking companies with large warehouses to support expansive LTL operations. You’ll see many household name trucking companies with these types of trailers, and also those belonging behemoth retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, though it’s likely another company employing the driver to tow the trailer. Some companies utilize these trailers with large sleeper cabs to expedite time-sensitive freight across the country. Did we mention, we also do that?

Dry Van TL and LTL

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