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Are you slowing down business and wasting valuable resources looking for service providers to manage your freight? Are you searching for ways to drive business growth through increased efficiency in your logistics department? Look no further. Interstate 48 is one of the nation’s finest freight broker companies. We have a solution for all of your LTL and truckload needs.

Efficient Freight Services Without Compromising

Leveraging our truckload and LTL freight broker resources and expertise, we can offer you the best combination of price and service to move your freight. With low exposure to freight loss or damage, dependable on-time pickup and delivery, express rate quotes, and access to a large network of quality carriers, you can safely turn your transportation needs over to us.

Exceptional Truckload and LTL Services Nationwide

Being part of the industry’s top freight brokers, we have moved thousands of truckloads for our clients. In the process, we’ve developed great carrier relationships that directly benefit you. Thanks to our strong carrier network, Interstate 48 can react quickly to your truckload capacity needs regardless of seasonality or spikes in your business. We provide services for all equipment types, including:

  • Heavy Haul & Overdimensional

    We have agents who specialize in moving high, wide and heavy shipments. Read more here

  • Flatbed Trucking

    Our most common means of transport. Learn more about our legal (non-permitted) flatbed and stepdeck service here

  • Temperature Controlled Transport

    This is the service upon which we started this business – we offer frozen and chilled transportation for food and non-food items. Learn more here

  • Dry Van(Box Truck) Transport

    The toys all the big boys play with. Knight, Saia, R&L, Fedex, UPS…and i48

  • Auto Hauling

    Bought a truck? Car? Motorcycle? Moped? One of those stupid three-wheeled bug looking things? Yeah, we can move it.

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