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There’s a number of ways you could have gotten here, but regardless, we’re happy to have you. We pride ourselves on our ability, through extensive experience, to handle any type of shipment you may have. That said, there are times where we may not have the capacity to fulfill your transport schedule or provide pricing that coincides with your budget.

We try our best to provide competitive rates, which is not synonymous with “lowest” or “cheapest” rates. In our opinion, cheap service is not always good, and good service is not always cheap. Our approach is to offer competitive rates to our carriers as well, because without them we have nothing to offer you. This may not always result in a “cheap” rate relative to other brokers, but we standby our process and believe that over the long run, it is the proper way for a broker to operate to take care of you, our customer, and the carriers which allow us to have services to offer you.

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