Oversize Load Trucking: CAT D-11 Transport

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Heavy Haul and Oversize Load specialists: CAT D-11 teardown, power wash, and port deliveryOversize-load-CAT-D11

Since 2008 Interstate 48 Transportation has been increasing our agent and carrier base to provide top-notch service for heavy haul and oversize load, or over-dimensional (OD) freight.  Though we started in 2007 as mainly a refrigerated truckload and LTL freight brokerage, we soon realized that the best way to service every need that our customers may have is to expand our knowledge and service capacity into areas we had previously not served, or had minimal capacity. OD freight soon became a staple service offering at our company.

A perfect example of our complete service line for heavy haul and OD freight is exemplified by the shipment and ancillary services captured in the slideshows below. Through employees and contracted business relationships we have been dealing with oversize load shipments since shortly after we opened our doors in 2007. We have the knowledge and experience to handle not only the transport of the equipment, but to handle all of the supplemental services involved in these shipments as well. This shipment included a teardown of these machines, where a rigging company is hired to reduce the pieces of these monster machines into pieces suitable for open deck transport.  This particular project required two step deck trailers transported alongside the main unit of the CAT D-11 to transport the bucket, the ripper, the top of the cab, the hydraulic pistons, etc. This is referred to as the fall off load. Then the main units were transported via 4-axle RGN trailer.

Before these beasts could get wheels under them they needed to be power washed. Ports require machinery to be virtually spotless upon entry. Sometimes we must contract for the machinery to be cleaned prior to shipping, as seen in these photos, and sometimes we can transport the machinery as is and have it cleaned prior to entry of the port at washing facilities nearby.

Once they are broken down, cleaned and prepared to transport, the rigging company will load each of the component pieces on the respective trailers and the driver will secure the pieces for transportation. Permits have been ordered; pilot cars and pole cars have been contracted if required; route surveys are complete; and police escorts, if required, are in place and ready for this oversize load to transport.

Should you find yourself in need of oversize load trucking services or any as mentioned above, give us a call anytime. Let one of our experienced agents who handle this and only this type of freight, provide you rates, availability and consultation on the best mode of transport for all of your heavy haul or oversize freight.

Cheers! And happy trucking.

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