Moving Forward Freight Services in an Advanced Age

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Interstate 48 is the freight broker you can always trust for all your freight transportation needs. We strive to provide top quality freight brokerage services by using the best tools available to move your cargo shipments where they need to go.

Adapting to a Changing Industry

Within the last five years so much has changed in the freight brokerage industry. Ultimately, if you can’t keep up with an ever-evolving demand you won’t be able to keep yourself afloat. Not long ago all freight brokers needed were just a phone and a fax machine. Now more than ever, relationships are vital to the success of any small freight brokerage. Our ability to keep strong & close partnerships with our customers has allowed us to understand freight needs from your perspective. Pair this with our family-oriented values and you can see why Interstate 48 has been able to deliver great services for such a long time.

Software that Keeps Us Moving

Not so long ago book keeping was done with a pencil and a ledger sheet. In today’s computer-centered world much of the work carried out by freight brokers is done over the Internet. But, even now things are advancing so quickly that our ability to provide great services is defined by our ability to implement new technologies to our processes. In this competitive industry only those who stay on top of these advancements reap the greatest rewards.

Software that Keeps Us Organized

The importance of having the right freight broker software cannot be overstated. Freight broker software is a vital component to the success here at Interstate 48, which has advantages far beyond simple dispatching requirements, and includes a 24/7 personal assistant, bookkeeper, and source for finding carriers.

Building Strong Customer Relationships

We use the best brokerage software solutions that provide us with the tools needed to build stronger customer relationships. We provide our customers the most sophisticated processes in terms of invoices and payment. Also, our clients receive frequent notifications so they are updated on their freight as soon as we are. We also give our customers the ability to trace their shipments, view POD’s, and request rate quotes through our partners’ platform resources.

Building Strong Carrier Relationships

We also recognize the need to build stronger carrier partner relationships. Our software solutions help us communicate to our carrier partners efficiently.

Our strong relationships are created through dedication to searching and contracting with only reputable carriers, with better-than-average safety ratings and performance records, which we track through multiple online software programs. When we find carriers whose service we believe is commensurate with the level of service we offer and our customers deserve, we will maintain and develop those relationships. We continue to utilize those carriers, offer fair prices to both customer and carrier (even if our margins take a hit), and offer repeat business to carriers who demonstrate a dedication in providing excellent service and communication.

Let us take care of your shipments and you’ll understand why we are one of the best in the industry.

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