Freight Broker Service is Valuable

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Freight Broker Service is Incredibly Valuable (If they are good)

A non-asset based freight broker agent can be a valuable asset to almost any shipper regardless of size or number of loads to be shipped. One positive aspect of using freight brokers is that one is not tied to a finite list of assets in one’s own fleet, and freight brokers have the ability to access tens of thousands of trucks on the road looking for freight at any given time. Our strong partnerships with quality trucking companies over time have allowed us, as a quality transportation organization, to utilize a nationwide truck fleet comprised of owner-operators, large fleet carriers, and everything in between.

Access to Carriers

A freight broker agent typically has access to thousands of trucks through various carrier partnerships. At Interstate 48, we have a network of carrier contacts which we’ve developed over our 10 years in business and web-based tools which enable us to access a network of trucks that is typically much larger than what a standard asset-based trucking company could offer a shipper.

Cost Effective

It can be said that freight broker service increases your transportation costs. This could certainly be true if the shipper has a poor relationship with their broker, or is utilizing one of the many bad brokers operating in this industry. At Interstate 48, we try to leverage the use of spot-market capacity and rates with the use of trucking companies who specialize on particular shipping lanes to get the most competitive pricing in real time for our customers. Our brokerage is then able to negotiate with a handful of carriers in the area on their customer’s behalf for the best combination of price, service, and availability. Finally, the margins we include in our rates are fair and justified based on the work we provide to our cusotmer. So not only does your budget stay intact, but you also get rid of all the hassles of internal research and quote comparison for trucking. Why make your work more complicated than it should be? Why increase your overhead by adding a position in-house to do what a good broker can do for you, much more efficiently and effectively?

Customer Service

At Interstate 48, we maintain close working relationships with carriers through constant communication, attentiveness and a spirit of mutual benefit. The secure transport of critical shipments for our customers is of utmost importance, which is why we maintain strict company policies as it relates to carrier administration, compliance and performance. We strive to keep mutually beneficial relationships with a small, core group of carriers who provide outstanding service at competitive rates. This often leads to preferential service from the carriers while providing quicker response times and maintained service competitiveness for our customers, the shippers.

To see how a quality, highly-experienced freight broker can provide an incredibly valuable service to your company, please contact us at any time.


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