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As a freight broker serving city our mission is to consistently provide our customers and vendors with the highest quality personal service in the transportation industry by producing the most reasonable and accurate rates, using the most reliable carriers, and accommodating all of the various types of shipments that our customers need in a timely, efficient manner.

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Freight Broker in Los Angeles, CAAs a well established freight broker, Interstate 48 is the right choice for your company’s shipping needs. We are a company eager to build lasting relationships with our customers and vendors as opposed to keeping high margins. Interstate 48 operates with a spirit of altruism and compassion as we believe that working solely for profits compromises our mission and the integrity of the firm. We have the flexibility that large companies lack and the high level of service that they are unable to offer. We have the ability and the unmatched desire to gain rapport with not only our customers but all those we contact during our day-to-day activities.

The transportation industry is vital to our country’s economy and we work tirelessly for customers and take utmost care of carriers because we have a vested interest in the business activities that enable our country to function and prosper. Interstate 48 operates with a goal of mutual benefit, always cognizant of the best interests of our customers, our vendors, and our employees. We realize that what is best for them will inevitably be best for the company as a whole; higher profits due to unreasonable rates will not benefit anyone in the long run.

Contact us and allow our highly trained logistics staff to not just work for you but with you to make sure your shipments get where they need to go on time and intact.


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