How Does a Freight Broker Work?

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Although it’s likely that you have benefited from one, most people do not have any idea how a freight broker like Interstate 48 works. There are a lot of logistics and organization involved in freight brokering, as well as marketing and potentially very expensive software. Not to mention the need for capital efficiency, dedication to the details and good business practices. Keep reading to learn more about how the whole process works.

The Crucial Link Between Factory and Transportation

The simplest way to explain what freight broker companies do is connecting manufacturing companies with goods they need to transport with carrier companies that do the shipping. At Interstate 48, we serve as the go-between for manufacturers, customers, and transporters, working towards the result of an efficient transfer of goods from the manufacturer’s facility to store shelves.

Brokers do a lot of the legwork needed to find compatible manufacturers and transporters, keeping in mind particular shipping needs. Companies dedicated to brokering employ highly experienced professionals, although you can work with a broker not associated with a company.

Different Niches

Most freight broker companies have a marketing specialty and provide services necessary for that particular consumer group. Many of these niches are the result of immediate location, available goods, and available shipping companies from any particular location. Brokers need to make sure that the carriers they choose have the special equipment needed to transport the goods in question.

For example, you would transport glass fixtures much differently than you would transport tons of durable fabric, like burlap. The overall goal is to establish a relationship with the carriers and manufacturers, so you can continue to work with both in the future.


Freight brokerages require a certain amount of equipment, hardware, and expensive software to run smoothly, so it is often recommended that newer companies do NOT invest heavily in becoming more established. Rely on us instead! The most crucial element of brokering freight is great communication. Companies not only need top-quality phone systems, computers, sofware and other technologies you’d often find in an office, but also need highly-trained and competent customer service reps and brokering agents. One call to Interstate 48 and an agent dedicated to transparency and stellar communication will handle your transportation from quote to timely delivery.

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