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So you’re looking for a job as a freight agent. Well, you’ve chosen a great career, first of all. What experiences have you had in your search? Have you been turned away by other companies who think you don’t have quite the margins or the volume of business to fit their profit-maximizing model? That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve an opportunity or that the company you’re speaking with demands too much; it simply means that your goals and the company’s goals are not in alignment.

There are countless methods of operating for freight agents and an extensive list of agent-based organizations looking to match their model with an agent’s style. All we demand at Interstate 48 is that one is honest, loyal (your loyalty is something we will work to earn), hard-working, and has high ethical standards. We want freight agents who respect our business and who follow and champion our practices. That’s all. Whether your gross profit is $10,000 a month or $1,000 a month; whether you move huge construction equipment, frozen food, or trees; whether your profit margins are 5% or 25%, we have a place for you to do business.

So what do you get from us?

Well, we know you’re smart. We won’t dress up benefits that we offer as if it’s some extraordinary or unique deal.  Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Direct deposit of commissions! OH MY!

Fast credit checks! WOW!

Agent support staff! OH BOY!

Web-based dispatch with no installation of software!! NO WAY!!!

Assumption of accounting functions!! YIPPEEEEE!!!

Free access to load boards!!! IT’S BEYOND ALL RATIONAL THOUGHT!!!

Competitive commission plans!!!! MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED!!!


UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All companies are required to offer some of the above to legally operate (see: bonding, insurance,) or must offer them to attract agents (see: everything else listed up there) so there is nothing unique or distinct about it for the most part.

Now, I don’t want to mislead you – there are many freight brokers and trucking companies offering some wonderful, unique benefits to entice freight agents. They also have great business models that will help agents succeed professionally. My intent is not to degrade other companies so that you decide conveniently for us that we are your best choice. I just wish to speak plainly, as a person, not a marketer or recruiter.

In fact, for many people we probably are not the right choice. We are not a deep-pocketed corporation that can offer you a huge signing bonus, fly you to meet your customers, or buy you a computer. We offer you what is listed above and a little bit more; what many other companies have the ability to offer you to certain degrees. Most importantly, though, we offer a chance to work with a small, tight-knit group of other people who will help you succeed.

We want our freight agents to be a small collective of separate knowledge bases and experiences working in a synergistic manner to maximize their individual and collective abilities to better service their customers;  agents who help one another, who learn from one another, and who motivate one another.

We help generate leads tailored to area of expertise for individual freight agents. We suggest software that will help you become more efficient at booking your freight, and train you how to use it. We encourage and solicit feedback about our freight agent program. We always want to be improving in your eyes, not in the eyes of investors (snooze) or a board of directors (snore).

We ask you to do your research, find out what’s most important to you, and then give us a call.

Interstate 48 is your route to superior service.  Start your journey today!

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