Flatbed Freight Carriers: On Time and On Target

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You should always conduct business with an experienced and well-managed freight broker company like Interstate 48. Partnering with the best specialists to help deliver and distribute products and supplies to a fast-paced industry makes all the difference. We focus on building a great customer relationship instead of getting shipments just “in and out” the door. At Interstate 48, we can guarantee that a highly trained and experienced logistics professional will accommodate your every need.

Know your Options

The best way to keep your freight on the move is to manage your business wisely. Getting product from point A to point B can be a challenge but working with a single flatbed trucking specialist to take care of it all has its perks. Plenty of carriers can get your product moving, but you’ll want someone who prides him- or herself on comprehensive options and solutions paired with exceptional service. Working with Interstate 48 is a testimony to good business: we always strive to make everything come together smoothly.

Competitive and On Time

Numerous companies require flatbed freight carriers to be competitive in pricing and provide on-time deliveries and pick-ups. Reliable and market-priced flatbed transport is vital to all companies that require freight transport that can’t be serviced by other vehicles. Most often it’s the large, industrial equipment manufacturing businesses that require flatbed trailers for their transport on a regular basis. In today’s competitive business climate, shipping of product or operational supplies and equipment is an important factor contributing to a businesses’ financial success.
Shipping freight and valuable cargo are the essences of the economy of many nations. Whether you are a manufacturer needing raw materials or a distributor who has to restock their supplies, getting your clients’ loads shipped adequately and effectively is essential. You need an easy, economical way to deliver them, on time and competitively. The flatbed freight carriers which Interstate 48 contracts with will meet that need.

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  1. I have been needing to move a mobile home for a while. I purchased a new investment property in a different state and want to move some homes there. I didn’t realize that a flatbed trucking company could use partner specialists to make sure that shipments are meeting or exceeding customer expectations. I’ll have to remember that moving forward.

  2. It makes sense that numerous companies depend on flatbed deliveries to be on time. I would assume that product transportation is what drives business forward. I can definitely see why they would completely depend on a strict schedule to help them gain a reputation as a reliable business.

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