Auto & Car Hauling Service

Expanded Automobile and Car Hauling Services

Are you moving? Did you buy a car, motorcycle or another automobile at an auction site like govplanet or autotrader? Interstate 48 has recently expanded our service offerings for car hauling and automobile hauling services.

We have always been proficient in handling car hauling utilizing hotshot trailers or other open deck trailers with ramps, but we have recently expanded our reach to accommodate a growing and under-served market: car hauling with carriers utilizing auto transport trailers.

Online Auto Auction and Retail Increases Choices

With the increased use of online services such as Autotrader and Carmax, consumers have expanded their reach for the perfect vehicle from local providers within driving distance, to the entire continent and beyond. Other sites such as Govplanet and IronPlanet give individuals and business owners alike the ability to purchase company vehicles, work trucks, government surplus vehicles and other automobiles for company or personal use.

However, the obvious logistical issues create with purchasing a vehicle a thousand miles away add cost and worry if you can’t find a car hauler to bring your vehicle to you in a timely manner(that’s where we come in).