Freight brokers who are

Shipping and logistics can be difficult without proper assistance from reliable, professional and experienced truck freight brokers who are contracting safe and dependable carriers for their shipments.

We proudly specialize in transporting equipment and other freight via open deck trailers, such as flatbed trailers, step deck trailers, and Doubledrop/Lowboy/RGN trailers for heavy haul and oversize dimensional loads. However, we have agents with decades of experience in every facet of the transportation industry. We go the extra mile, awful pun intended, to ensure we utilize quality trucking companies for our customers. We check performance and compliance history on every carrier we use via multiple industry websites and government agency websites. This helps to ensure our carrier partners are reputable and safely transporting freight.

Let our specialists of the transportation industry show you how easy we can make it for you. Give us a call today and we’ll work together to determine the best mode of transportation to suit your requirements with pricing that suits your budget.

Transportation Services to Suit Your Needs

Interstate 48 provides trucking brokerage services to customers across a wide range of industries. We have served individuals shipping cars, to small machinery dealers, to large corporations with billions in revenue. Product type, dimensions and shipping requirements vary greatly among our customers. We have various transportation services to suit your unique shipping profile. We have the capability to coordinate transportation for most product types, to and from most points in the United States. Contact us here or click below to read more about our services.

  • Heavy Haul & Overdimensional

    We have agents who specialize in moving high, wide and heavy shipments. Read more here

  • Flatbed Trucking

    Our most common means of transport. Learn more about our legal (non-permitted) flatbed and stepdeck service here

  • Temperature Controlled Transport

    This is the service upon which we started this business – we offer frozen and chilled transportation. Learn more here

  • Dry Van(Box Truck) Transport

    The toys all the big boys play with. Knight, Saia, R&L, Fedex, UPS…and Interstate 48

  • Auto Hauling

    Bought a truck? Car? Motorcyle? Moped? One of those three-wheeled bug looking things? Yeah, we can move it.

  • Expedited Freight

    Need something sooner than later? Don’t want anyone’s freight next to yours? Let's expedite.

Relationship Driven Brokers

We provide transportation management services to many customers in various industries. We do that by focusing on- and fostering long-term relationships with both carriers and customers. As a freight broker, we see ourselves as an extension of our customer’s logistics department and our carrier’s sales department. Providing services to both parties in a fair and equitable manner is a difficult task. We work tirelessly to get freight delivered when and where it’s needed it at the most competitive and fair price for both the customer and the carrier.

Customer Satisfaction is #1

Ensuring that freight arrives at its destination isn’t enough to make us one of the best freight brokers. We take a much broader view of the word “satisfaction”, meaning that we will go the extra mile in the transport of our customers’ shipments. Close partnerships with our carriers means preferential service and quick response times, which translates into a higher ability to satisfy customer needs to those we work with. We dedicate ourselves to mutually beneficial relationships by recognizing the long-term costs and benefits associated with all of our actions.